6 Outlet Screw-On Workshop Strip with 2 USB Ports - 6 Foot Cord

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  • 6 Outlets
  • 6 ft Cord(1.83 Meters)
  • On/Off Switch with Integrated Circuit Breaker
  • Rotate Button for Screw-On System
  • 2 USB Charger
  • Electrical Rating: 15A, 125V, 1875W
  • UL Certified

It’s a first : a Workshop Strip that actually screw onto the edge of a desk, table, workbench.

Screw-On Workshop Strip quickly moves from your workshop to your home-its versatility is limited only by your imagination. Clamp in to the back of TV stand or home-theater rack to easily protect your entertainment  equipment. In the garage, use it to plug in utility lights or power tools. Plug in all your electronics with exceptional convenience.

Provided screw function to clip on desk, table..etc., and more convenience for mobile use at your house, plus charging your iPhone and MP3.

A first-of its-kind, Screw-On quickly moves from your Workshop to your home. For easy device access, screw it to the back of a TV stand or AV equipment, or in the garage for utility lights and power tools.

Easy access and superior protection for valuable electronics

  • Screw on surface which thickness is 10mm to 40mm, ex. Garage or back of TV stand
  • 4 standard spaced outlets and 2 adaptor spaced outlets
  • AC rating; 125V, 15A
  • 2 USB charger each has 5V/1A power and max. approach 5V/2.1A


Use indoors only. Not intended for use with aquarium  equipment.

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